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    Hi there, does anyone know where I can find some plans for building a TH trailer? Ours will hopefully be 8 metres long and it’s been suggested we should angle the structure of the trailer up at the end to avoid bottoming out on hills… Is this over engineering or does anyone recommend it as well? Cheers.



    I’m actually curious about the same thing…and looking at building a similar sized trailer myself to save on construction costs. Anyone have any advice? I have a rough design using 6″x2″ rectangular steel tubing for the main frame and 6″x2″ steel channel for the cross beams with 3 6000lb (2700kg) axles so I can do a little bit of tile and still hold the weight.

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    Hey there. Our trailer design may be available on our website in the near future, but I’m not 100% sure on that just yet.

    I would strongly advise against an 8 meter trailer though. At 8 meters it is extremely difficult to stay under the weight limit (assuming you are in New Zealand). The larger you build your Tiny House, the more limited you are in terms of construction materials.

    Personally, I think around 6 meters is the ideal length. It also makes transport a lot simpler.

    Of course, if you build it the way that Largion is talking about, that would certainly be possible as it would be rated to a much higher weight class. In New Zealand you would need special licence to be able to transport that though.



    Thank you for the reply Bryce. I am not in New Zealand, I’m across the pacific here on the western coast of the U.S.A. so the weight restrictions are a bit different. I also don’t plan on moving my house very often. I haven’t found any good forums based here yet and I greatly enjoyed and have learned a lot from your tours and build videos! Thank you for the great tiny house content. I think it’s great that you have a lot of videos on the trailer build itself; it seems to be a subject many others spend very little time talking about. I’m finding that it’s one of the higher hurdles to a good design and to getting my build started as it has to be done more as one large purchase than the rest of the build.

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    I was about to post a similar question to the original in this forum.

    I have reasonable ability on CAD in 3D, but am not a mechanical designer (more architectural/military) and if someone could assist me with a design I’d happily knock up some 3D plans to share openly.

    I’m based in the UK and from what I can see from the videos the weight/size restrictions are similar to NZ.

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