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    So I’ve recently found the tiny house moment in nz and i’m really interested. I’m wondering have many of you come across many 1 story tiny homes with at least 1 bedroom. I have managed to find 1 or 2 myself.

    In my plan I’m going to incorporate a bedroom for my son, I am going to build a fold out couch in our lounge area for myself…I don’t really like the loft idea, but may incorporate one with a hide away ladder for storage only. I want to build the bedroom at the opposite end of the house to the bathroom and kitchen.

    Also does anyone have a good program they could suggest for designing my plan. Also any good books I could read?



    I have seen one or two on overseas websites only. I am building a loft with a proper staircase that has clever storage underneath. Ours is intended to be our home for a max two years while we get the money together to build our small house I am designing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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