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    I’m in the early (yearning) stages of living big in a tiny house, but soon ready to start rolling with any like minded people… I’m an architect with 2 teeny people to accommodate as well, and would like to (ideally) like to find some land near the beach to share…

    yearning simplicity!



    Hi, I am also in the early stages of considering a simpler life. I have been looking at relocating back to Tauranga and like the idea of not having a huge mortgage. I think with clever design you can have everything you need for your family.



    Hi. I am considering building a tiny house but am interested in walking through an existing one first. Did you manage to build one and if so would it be possible to view it? Thanks. Steve



    I, too, am interested in buying a tiny to live in the Tauranga area – I note that here is a Tiny House Design and Build Workshop being held in Tauranga from 19 Feb, also a discussion panel at the Mt on 22 Feb (Housing Alternatives: Tiny Houses, Eco Villages and Permaculture) – search Facebook.

    Unfortunately, I am in Australia, or I would definitely be attending one or both, if only to make contact with others interested in Tiny Houses in the area.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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