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    My wife and I have purchased a trailer and are starting on a tiny build. We have been working on layouts for months, and I have drawn up framing sketches, electrical and plumbing plans, and exterior design sketches.
    At this point, we are ready to begin ordering our building materials, but I have not yet decided how to attach the subfloor to the trailer frame. I was planning on a custom trailer when we purchased this trailer used, it was a great deal, but the frame does not exactly match the design I had in mind.
    I am a welder by trade, fabricating a trailer is not anything I have a problem doing but I would like to use the best design possible and wanted to seek out any advice.
    Our trailer is built of two 12″x4″ H-beams running the length of the trailer, with 3″x1.5″ channel crossmembers, and 5″x2″ channel around the perimeter. Hopefully the pictures will provide some clarity.
    My first issue is that I would like to mount the subfloor directly to the main H-beams, to keep the floor as low as possible. Most designs I have seen, however, have steel framing around the perimeter to fasten to, not just fastening to the H-beams in the center.
    Secondly, if I am to build and fasten my subfloor to the existing crossmembers, the channel around the perimeter is 2″ higher than the crossmembers. This space allowed for the wood decking that was on the trailer before. If I go this route and fasten my subfloor directly to the existing crossmembers, to solve this problem I would cut the channel off of the perimeter and weld a piece of angle to the perimeter. This would give me an even plane to build my subfloor on, and the angle would be easy to fasten my subfloor to, and then fasten the wall sole plates to.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have seen many builds and many different ways to build the subfloor onto the trailer, but with how custom these are and all the great ideas everyone comes up with, I would love to hear some advice.

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