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    I’m looking for advice on my project. I need to make my space as livable as possible within a set shape and size. I’m drawing out some rough layout plans, but I’d like some feedback from people who have experience living efficiently in small spaces.

    So far the layout I’ve come up with is an L shape. At the end of the long part of the L is a shower stall/tube that is wider on the rear end and stepped narrower at the front end. The step is there to make more room for my bed and because I want a long and extra wide shower that will also function as a tub. The shower/tub will be custom made from tile.

    The bedroom is in the middle part of the L and maybe extending to the short part. I want as much open space as possible and my bed will either be a folding Murphy type with the hinge on the long side of the bed or the bed will be fixed with a sliding or accordion screen. If the bed is fixed, it will have storage below it. I plan to have some type of overhead storage above the bed.

    The kitchen will be in the short part of the L and will contain a standard size fridge, standard size sink, counter top and some cabinets. No oven range.

    The house will have electricity and plumbing. No toilet. This home will not be on a trailer or be movable. Wood frame construction with drywall. No code restrictions on this house. Now the fun part. I’m limited to around 17 feet long on the long part of the L. I haven’t decided on the width yet, but probably no more than 7 feet. I will be the only occupant. I’m just over 6 feet tall.

    The advice I’d like to get is how to design this in an ergonomic fashion so I won’t be fighting everything day to day. I also want it to look as big and normal from the inside as possible. The ceiling height will probably be limited to a maximum of 7 feet, which I don’t like, but I’m probably stuck with. There will be a wall and door between the shower and the bedroom. I might have a window in the wall to make the bedroom look bigger and brighter. I’m probably going with a white marble look tile for the shower walls. I’m not sure if I want a wall between the kitchen and bedroom. I don’t want the layout to make me think I’m living in compartments or a maze.

    I’m not good with tech and probably the best I can do is post a pic of some handmade drawings on paper. Any advice and tips will be welcome. Thanks.



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