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    Hi all, i know this may not be a problem if one parks up and never moves, but in order to prove one is mobile, surely one has to keep the WOF up to date, or at least be able to if necessary.
    It would be a pain to have to be towed down to local WOF place once a year – so is it feasible to have the ‘WOFFER’ come to you? i realise they have to spin the wheels to check bearings, but presumably the whole thing would be up on its jacks mostly anyway to stop the tyres going square! What do you guys think?



    Hi, I have also come across this problem, and I want to build a trailer that is 3m wide – makes it problematic to take down to the WOF station. Did anyone come up with a solution for this?




    The council in the area I’m looking at requires a current WOF and registration as well as self-containment certification to put a “caravan” on an empty section. I’ve been looking at making the 3m wide tiny house load demountable from a 2.5m wide (maximum legal width) trailer so I can pull the trailer out from underneath to take it for its WOF when required.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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