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    So I just finished stage one of my tiny house witch is the sub floor. Im not going into detail on my layout because you can find that out anywhere. What I had trouble with was how to attach the subfloor to the trailer for both downward and upward pressure. What I came up with was the simplest as well as easiest method. NO welding. I used heavy duty joist hanges in reverse as well as 5 inch german made screws. I used 5 screws in every 2×4 through the top and into the wooden deck of the trailer. I used LONG TIP heavy duty self screwing 1 1/4 hex head screws to attach the hangers to the C channel steel of the trailer I used at least 4 screws per hanger. I used bolts and nuts in all 4 corners as well (not shown). Check out my pictures and follow me on my tiny house facebook page to see all my progress on the tiny house. Also I used thick steel washers under the 2×4’s to take up the gap because the wood is slightly lower then the metal edges. About 3-4 washers per 2×4.

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