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    Now this is a cool idea. Whilst looking for small-space gardening ideas I stumbled upon the garden tower project, a cleverly designed vertical planter that also doubles as a compost bin / worm farm, generating it’s own fertiliser for growing great, nutrient dense food!

    The plants grow in the areas around the outside of the tower, and a column that runs down the centre is filled with worms, and household compost. The worms are free to move about the entire area, taking the nutrients form the compost with them and generating vermicast.


    Water conservation has also been taken into consideration with this design, as it captures the water in a collector at the bottom, allowing you to re-water with nutrient enriched water every time.

    It’s a great idea, and awesome to see people creating clever tools for producing a lot of food in a small space. Perfect for balconies, and of course Tiny Houses that are on tiny plots of land!

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    What a fantastic idea! I’m also looking for ideas that will work in the short term in apartment living, so this is great.



    I like that in a smaller version.

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