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    Can someone tell me the cost of a trailer? Either 12 metres or better still 5 metres. We are planning to build 2 5 metre tiny homes. One would have the living / kitchen and the other bed and bathroom. This is to avoid a sleeping loft as we age.



    I think Bryce will be close to having final price from his supplier by now! I’m interested in this too!



    Yup! We will be posting up all that information soon. 🙂



    Hi Bryce will you also be getting the trailer weighed am very interested in weight as this determines build.



    Hey Trickydog!

    Yup, we will be getting it weighed also. You’re right, the weight of the trailer will determine the remainder of material weights that we can use.

    As soon as the trailer is complete we will drive it over a weigh-bridge and get an exact weight. At the moment though, we are estimating it will be somewhere around the 900 kilograms mark.

    It’s certainly very heavy, but it’s also important that it’s well constructed as it needs to support the weight of everything else! It’s better to have a heavier, stronger that leads to a stronger house!




    An interesting point to ponder for would be builders, is home going to be used to travel around in or is it more a semi permanent residence. If the later it can be built to 3400 kilograms, moved to site and then all personal belongings moved in so this way it wouldn’t matter if all other belongings weighed another 1000 kilograms. It does mean an extra trip if you chose to move but gives greater scope in build design.



    Yup, that’s very true. A number of houses that I have seen so far have been constructed with this philosophy.

    Personally, I really like the idea of building a Tiny House on the smaller / lighter side so that it is always easily transportable. You never know what the future holds, and if you construct your home in a way that allows it for easy transport on the roads, and isn’t too heavy then it does help to keep your options open.

    Also, one of the freedoms of a Tiny House is the ability to travel with your house should you need to, so it helps to keep this aspect of Tiny House living alive too.



    Hi Bryce. I’m keen to get a price for the trailer build. I see you posted on 3rd June that you’d be posting that “soon”. I approached a well known trailer manufacturer in ChCh about getting one built, and he told me they’re not interested in building Tiny House trailers. Seems there’s a good opening for the right person.



    Hey Paul,

    Yup, I know that Ian from Monoway is actually building a tiny house trailer for someone in ChCh at the moment, that’s definitely a good way to go. They have to be engineered very well, and so if the trailer builder in ChCh didn’t have experience with those kind of trailers, it’s probably for the best.

    As soon as our trailer is complete, and I know the final cost then I’ll post it up for you buddy. Lots of people are wanting to know this!





    I emailed Munford Industries and asked questions about the cost of building a trailer. Here is their reply.


    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your inquiry
    Just as a bit of a ball park to start with, for something around the 2.4m x 6 to 7 metres long (excluding drawbar) tandem axle with electric brakes you are going to be in for $8500 – $9500 + gst
    For this you are going to get a Hot dipped galvanized steel chassis designed specifically to take a tiny house, included wheel tyres, lights etc..All ready to build upon, bar WOF and Reg (WOF can be arranged if wanting to tow to build site otherwise not required until ready for use on road, Reg is tied to your license)
    The difference there comes down to the brake system, both ways would be electric drum brakes but at $8500 + gst you are looking at something hard wired to your vehicle – fine if you are going to always be using the same vehicle for towing. To wire another vehicle is going to be about $600 + each time.
    At $9500 + gst we are looking at a remote system that means you can tow with any vehicle (with towing capability to suit obviously) which is a more practical if you are borrowing
    a vehicle to shift (which is most tiny house situations or so we have come across so far.
    While legally you can go to 12m total in length, its just not practical for a tiny house, with the weights involved
    Ramp angles and NZ roads/roundabouts etc would mean you would have to be really careful where you take it too.
    So far
    6-7 metres seems to be the most practical size that people are after (also works better for us) weight will be an issue going much more than that,
    You must be confident of coming in under 3500kg to be classed under the light trailer rules.
    you’re allowed to hang a maximum of 4 metres rear of the axle centre so any longer than that is going to be difficult to balance correctly,
    Also the biggest tank in NZ for galvanization is only 9 metres long so by the time you have a draw bar at 1.2m your getting
    pretty close to having to rethink regarding rust prevention
    The maximum width allowed on road is 2.5 , this has to include any cladding, window sills etc so we make the trailer at 2.4 to allow for 50mm each side for this. If using thicker cladding etc we may have to go slightly narrower on the deck to accommodate.
    Also other consideration is most sheets of plywood etc come in 2.4 so good size for that.
    Painting is another option but is a very fiddly job so would cost alot, while can be done yourself it still isn’t as good as galv as doesn’t treat the inside, works fine on big trucks and trailers etc because they are constantly on the move, getting washed down etc, if they were parked up in a paddock they would rust away
    Going shorter to 5m is only going to save a small amount $200 – 300 as it only save a little in the length of steel but doesn’t change anything with the time and number of welds, axles, etc as all those things remain the same
    Build time is going to be approx 6 weeks but will depend on what other project we have on the go at same time as they take up a large portion of our workshop and time we have to work around other jobs. Currently we have about a 4 week backlog of work
    Building two together the same can save a little too.
    Hope that gives you some help.and further questions feel free to ask

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    I got a 4.8m trailer built for just over $5000 from superior heating? (or something, not trailers) dyers rd in chch. i think it weighed 680kgs with the floor in place. im going for a maximum weight of 2500 kgs, posessions included to make it as easy as possible to shift. My brother made me another trailer 4.5m long for just over $3000 in materials. if you can weld its pretty straightforward. theres a company in bromley that will sell you all the bits. Another guy said he got his trailer made by a company who makes race car trailers and his is really low. it awesome! i can get the details if anyone is interested.



    Hey Magenta!

    I think the idea of aiming for a maximum weight of 2500kg’s is a fantastic idea. Unless you own land, one of the difficult things of owning a Tiny House is moving it. If you can construct under 2500kg’s it certainly does make life a lot easier.

    One of the most difficult aspects of keeping a build lightweight (and something that we are constantly struggling with) is finding eco-friendly, non-toxic materials for the build. I’m a big fan of natural building techniques, but unfortunately most of these (and the materials) are not suited to a moveable structure, and are incredibly heavy!

    How are you tackling that?



    Hi Bryce
    I watched your 2 vids on the Monoway Trailers. Thanks for that. Am interested in the height of the trailer deck.. Designing my tiny home so I can stand up and not bang my head. Only five foot 2 so not hard. the trailers Dave supplies (used for Lucy) are 63cm high, and that is quite hard to juggle when considering floor spacing, roof spacing, and support beams for the lofts. (waiting for reply re whether I can use the trailer deck as the floor) So very interested to learn what height your trailer deck is. Also I notice the Monoway are designed to take the weight on the perimeter. Looks like Daves trailers have main support beams in the inside. So, my specific questions are, what is the length of your trailer? What is the deck height? Do you know what is the width of the wheel arches? (not length) and do you know how much it is to register it? Many thanks Carol



    Thank you for sharing Paul (NZVIDEOGUYS), awesome info!

    Noho ora mai



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