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    Well, i jumped in feet first, and bought a trailer second hand.
    5m long x 2450 wide, with a site shed on it
    It was cheap(ish) and i thought ‘hey, why not’
    Once i replace suspension with 3500kg it will still be cheap, but lots of wire brushing to clean it up

    so i was lying awake most of the night thinking about how i could clad it with only 25mm om each side? what if the door handle sticks out? no way i can have gutters…..

    does anyone have architectural details they can share to minimise width (roof flashing, window waterproofing, door recessed into frame, anything at all to start me thinking and planning


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    You can use eifs fasteners and stucco bonding agent with that, and in fact these are DIY solutions for simple home improvement and repairs. You can check that use of that one including some other construction and renovation materials at



    There’s always the “weird” solution of just not using the full with of the trailer. Nothing stops you from building the walls at 2400 or something similar, and just making a nice trim on the bottom to get it “out” to the trailer width.



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