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Most Amazing Tiny House Features

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We are constantly amazed at the weird and wonderful features that people build into their tiny houses. From beer dispensers hidden in the sofa to full sized pizza ovens built into living rooms, tiny houses are an opportunity to create something truly special and unique. This video highlights some of our favourite tiny house features from homes that we have visited over the years.

Tiny House Affords Young Couple Big Future Dreams

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In this weeks episode we visit Nicola and Arron, a dynamic young couple who have some big dreams for the future, that have been made possible thanks to a tiny house. 

You Won’t Believe This Amazing Tiny House & Parking Spot!

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There’s a saying in the tiny house world that home is where you park it, but not all parking spots are created equal and this spectacular, modern tiny house has found an incredible spot to call home on an elevated hillside with breath-taking panoramic views!

Modern Meets Rustic Design In Dream Tiny House

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This stunning, modern tiny house on wheels is wonderfully paired with charming rustic features. In this weeks episode we meet Lisa, who together with help from her brother Glen, a professional builder has constructed her dream tiny house on wheels.

Top Ideas For Kids In Tiny Houses

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If you love the idea of living in a tiny house but are worried about the idea of starting a family or having children in a tiny house, then this video has been created for you! In this weeks episode, we take a look at some of our absolute favourite family tiny houses and the clever ways that people have designed their tiny homes to enable their children to thrive!

You’ve Never Seen A Tiny House Like This Before!

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This tiny house design is just as unique as it is stunning! When building a tiny house on wheels, you’re working within a limited space and for that reason, the more time that you can spend on the design of your home, the more likely you are to create a home that will truly meet your needs and that’s exactly the case with this incredibly well thought out tiny house.

Epic Modern All Black Tiny House

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If you’re a big fan of modern, minimalist design then you’re going to love this tiny house. On the exterior, it’s striking all-black, trapezoidal design is incredibly eye-catching. The interior is filled with very clever spatial design and forms a wonderfully comfortable home.

A Dream Life On The Water In An Amazing House Boat

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So many of us aspire to own a home close to the water and it doesn’t get any closer than this! Inspired by the incredible float homes of British Columbia, this house boat in Auckland, New Zealand really is a dream home on the water!