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Stunning Black Off-Grid Cabin By The River

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With all the hassle and stress of modern living, chances are there has been a time in your life where you wished you could leave the pressures of the world behind and escape to an idyllic, off-the-grid cabin amongst the calming powers of nature. In this weeks episode, we meet an inspiring couple who did exactly that, building their own incredible cabin by the river.

Urban Industrial Tiny House is a Tiny Mansion

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In this weeks episode, we explore a stunning, modern, urban-industrial style tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand. Described as a tiny mansion, this stunning tiny house is packed full of brilliant design features which make living in this home a dream come true for owners Kyron and Natalia.

This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer

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This stunning tiny house on wheels is packed full of absolutely game changing design! There is a saying in architecture that you should build your first home for your enemy, the second for your friend and the third for yourself. Good design takes time and practice to get things right, and this home truly is the result of years of experimentation and small space design exploration. 

Epic Modern Tiny House With Library Net Loft

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In this weeks episode, we meet Gina, a tiny house builder from the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, who has created a stunning, modern tiny house that is packed full of clever design and storage ideas and which even has an amazing library loft with a net floor! Originally designed as a spec home, this tiny house was assembled from different, left over and miss-ordered components from other builds and for that reason is affectionally named ‘The Bitser’. Gina fell …

Top Storage Ideas For Tiny Houses

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This week, we take a look back over some of our past episodes to highlight some of the best storage ideas for tiny homes. Even if you’re a minimalist, you still need some stuff! When designing a tiny house, it’s essential that you build in enough storage space so that you can ensure everything in your home has a place. In this video, we take a look at various tiny homes all over the world to see the ultra clever …

Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World: Celtic Iron Age Roundhouses

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In this pilot episode of our Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World series, we travel 2000 years back in time to the Celtic iron-age fort and roundhouses 0f Castell Henllys. So far on Living Big in a Tiny House, we have explored tiny homes and downsized architecture from all over the world. In this new series, we aim to reach far back into our historic and prehistoric past to explore the tiny homes of the ancient world. 

Off-The-Grid Tiny House & Stunning Syntropic Food Forest Gardens

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In this weeks episode, we venture to the beautiful sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to visit a spectacular off-the-grid tiny house on wheels, situated amongst stunning syntropic, regenerative, food forest gardens. For anyone who has dreamed of going off-the-grid and escaping to paradise to grow food and live simply, this is a video tour you will want to check out!

Incredible BIG Modern Tiny House With Amazing Storage

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This stunning Hampton-style tiny house on wheels in Queensland, Australia is absolutely packed full of super clever design ideas! At 12 meters (39ft) in length, this home on wheels is big as far as tiny homes go and each and every inch of the home has been ingeniously utilised to create a beautiful and totally functional home.