My Tiny House Project


For the past years, I have been privileged to travel all over New Zealand, gaining insights into the lives of those who have downsized and now live in unique, beautiful small homes. This journey has given me inspiration and knowledge to approach my own Tiny House build project.


I live in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s a city where the house prices have exploded to an average of over $1m and where a whole generation of young kiwis have found themselves priced out of the housing market. I was (and am) amongst that demographic. Since 2007, house prices in Auckland have risen by over 70% and that trend still continues. In 2015 alone house prices rose by over 20%. For those of us who aren’t already in houses, we feel the likelihood of ever owning a place that we call home falling farther and farther away.


When I saw my first Tiny House on wheels online, I felt a huge swell of excitement. Here was a unique opportunity to construct a home that was within my means, that could be beautiful, sustainable and best of all one which I could own without the need to purchase land. I knew this would be a game changer for me. I wanted to begin this journey but to also share it with other New Zealanders (and in fact world citizens) who were in the same boat that I was. Thus, the Living Big in a Tiny House YouTube channel and this website was born. Since then, I’ve been showcasing details of my build project while also telling the stories of others who have taken the plunge into downsized living.


With a background in Permaculture, my build couldn’t just be any ordinary home though, and I’ve set out to explore and learn about the best construction techniques and materials to use in Tiny Homes, ensuring my home would be sustainable, light-weight and a completely non-toxic environment in which to live. Within every aspect of this build I have done my best to work in accordance with the design principles of permaculture.


In addition to materials and construction techniques, I’ve been learning about clever spatial design and unique features that help make a small house a truly functional home. I’m also exploring ways of getting off-the-grid and plunging into renewable energy generation, rain-water collection and waste (or resource) management.


This website and YouTube channel will continue to grow, and hopefully become both an inspiration and valuable information resource for those who are wanting to explore the option of Living Big in their own Tiny House. Thank-you for visiting this website and becoming a part of my Journey.