Unhappy Endings and Bright New Beginnings

As many of you have noticed recently, content on YouTube and social media has slowed down a bit, as has the construction of the Tiny House. This is a quick video just to fill you in on what’s been happening over the last months.

At the moment I’m on the road again filming some amazing new Tiny House tours! I’m really excited to share a new season of small spaces with you all. When I get back to Auckland I’ll be stuck into the Tiny House tours with the team again.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and for following my Journey!

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About Bryce

I'm a film-maker with a passion for small space design, permaculture, and downsized, eco-friendly living. Join me on my travels as I meet people from all over the globe who are living big lives in wonderful tiny houses!

3 Responses to Unhappy Endings and Bright New Beginnings

  1. robert adams

    Hi Bryce,
    You may be interested in our tiny house which is a houseboat at beach haven. I am also working on developing 10 to 16 tiny houses on our property also at beach haven, If you are interested in visiting then please get in touch.
    Robert and Jos

  2. Leonard

    Hello Bryce,

    Hate to hear about the unfortunate changes in your life but we all have to face those now and then. I’ve been following your Tiny House Tours for a while as I work on my own tiny house based on a school bus conversion. Always looking for ideas to borrow (or steal). While I know school bus conversions are becoming more and more common each one has just a touch of personality that makes it that much different from all others. Mine has a walk-in-sit-down Jacuzzi tub, a motorized fold down Murphy style bed and an eight foot fully equipped workshop in the rear. If you’re ever in the United States again, I’d love you to come by and see it.


  3. Gina Owensby


    I just learned of the change in your life… losses are hard whether they are by choice or not. I wish you well and much success in the next chapter of your life.

    I own a home in Brunswick, Georgia USA and am moving towards downsizing and either buying/building a tiny home or purchasing an airstream travel trailer.

    Just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoy your site, tours of tiny homes, interviews and your commentary on all aspects of tiny living.

    Keep up the good work and come visit the USA sometime. It is a great place with lots of tiny houses to see and probably tour.

    Sincerely, Gina

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