A Night At The Lotus – Astrophotography


One of the great advantages of living away from the city lights is the spectacular view of the night sky. Flooded with light pollution from population centres, it’s easy to forget the marvel of nature that spreads across the sky each and every night. One of the things that life in a tent has taught me to do is slow down, and pay more attention to the natural world around me. 


The Lotus is located in a place where it likes to rain, a lot. When it is sunny and there are clear skies, I have learned to truly enjoy them. Living in a small space, there is a definite feeling when you have spent too long inside, and the yearning to escape into the outdoors can be very strong.


So, when the weather smiles upon me, and gives me a night such as this, I can’t help but take full advantage. Many hours I have sat staring at my lit brazier, sometimes alone, and sometimes joined by good friends to share in the occasion. The night sky is a constant reminder for me of the fact that I am a part of a beautiful, conscious and ever-expanding universe. Contemplating the expanse of space and time fills me with a great sense of adventure for the possibilities of my existence in this place. It also helps me and any of my troubles to feel peacefully small.

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I'm a film-maker with a passion for small space design, permaculture, and downsized, eco-friendly living. Join me on my travels as I meet people from all over the globe who are living big lives in wonderful tiny houses!

4 Responses to A Night At The Lotus – Astrophotography

  1. Terry Raggett

    Hi Bryce,
    How can I follow your latest tiny house on wheels project.
    Cheers, Terry

  2. Sharon

    My dream is to someday capture the beauty of the night sky with a still camera set to slow shutter speed – of which I have seen some pretty spectacular photography online… although nothing beats staring up at the real thing and contemplating life and the journey we are all on. Thank you for your thoughts (and your beautiful photos!) which truly resonated with me as I am a night-sky junkie, and have even been lucky enough to wish on a few falling stars over the years. 🙂

  3. Sara Ann

    Hello Bryce, I just wanted to say that I find your commitment to your lifestyle truly inspirational. I stumbled on your videos on YouTube, and found myself drawn in by your enthusiasm and passion for responsible living. I recently purchased a new-to-me home in Florida that ironically has potential for two tiny house areas — one outside in a shed that came with the house, and one inside in what is now an enclosed former garage. This is in addition to the three bedrooms inside the house that feel like a palace to me. My long-term goal is to be able to offer a thoughtful hospitality to visitors, and maybe even longer-term hospitality to someone in need. I’ve been blessed with this house (which even after major repairs, cost less than most tiny house builds), and its beautiful setting on a small lake. I want to share it in ways I’m still designing in my head. Thank you again for your generosity of spirit that comes through so brilliantly in your film and writing. You help me be a lot more conscious of my own space. Best wishes, Sara Ann

  4. Louise

    beautiful post bryce. i can’t agree with you more. i live in a rural area also and could never return to the hustling noisy city again, people seem to be asleep and the stars are burned out.

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