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    Hey guys. I’m American, so sorry for non-metric!

    I’ve been obsessive about tiny houses lately, and thought I’d give a go at my own design. Below are cross sections of my sketchup. They aren’t as detailed as some; I didn’t draw the exact framing, ect., but I assumed 4.5″ for the walls for standard timber framing. It is 13′ 3″ from highest point to the base of the wheels. The trailer I put it on from the sketch up warehouse has a deck height of 1′ 10″, so I made the sub floor 6″ to compensate for what I think will be a more realistic height. The liberal height is because I don’t know how deep roofs are. If I were to build, any extra height would simply be put in the loft.

    Front cross section

    The height of the bathroom and kitchen ceilings are 6’4. I’m only 5’4″, but I hope this would be enough so that my 6′ 1″ brother wouldn’t feel too claustrophobic if he ever visited. Maybe if I had extra height, I should raise the ceilings.

    Some features of note, the distance counter to counter in the kitchen is 3′. That might seem pretty liberal for a tiny house, but I’m a huge board gamer, so I figured I could put two (fold up) chairs on the other side if I ever wanted to host a game. The island is 3’x 5′. One side is standard kitchen cabinets plus an all in one washer dryer. The other foot is reserved for open storage on the other side. In that open storage, is also a pullout shelf to put a small midi keyboard that could be played from the bench height of the coffee table/bench. Those chairs are intended to be folding.

    Also, two hanging wine racks that can hold up to 12 bottles of wine/liquor.

    I’m hoping the folding chairs would fit in tall section of the storage stairs, and still leave a bit of room for a jacket or two. I would also put a coat hook by the door patio door (you can see the door opening in the other cross section).

    Cross section from back

    Above the kitchen island is a projector screen. The projector is on the shelving over the couch.

    Cross section from top

    In the sitting area, the storage couch would have boxes underneath that could be pulled out. Once you put the couch backing cushion on them, the couch plus the boxes, plus the coffee table/bench would be the sized of a double bed (you’d have to fold up the bar stools). Unfortunately, they all need to have little side cutouts to accommodate the wheel well. You could also use all three

    A 3’x5′ tub may seem like an extravagance for a tiny house, but I love bathing. That means only a 1’x1′ vanity/sink. Also, there is a composting toilet (based off of Lovable Loo dimensions). I would put in a pocket door to the bathroom for those who need a bit more enclosure to be comfortable, but I think I would have a railing with just a curtain above so that there was a bit more landing before the stairs as well as a bit more distance to put your legs from the toilet.

    You can see the kitchen features a full sized double sink, an apartment sized range, and apartment sized refrigerator. Garbage/recycling would go below the sink. The wall cupboards are actually laundry sized (24″ x 18″, 18″). That leaves two 15″ kitchen base cabinets and one 24″ base cabinet to be my pantry/storage. Hopefully all glass/dishware could fit in just one of the wall cabinets, giving me more pantry, but that might be optimistic. Also has magnetic spice jars that would stick to the metal cladding. A magnetic knife rack is on the fridge.

    Cross section loft

    Last but not least, the loft spaces. A simple three foot storage loft (you can see the l-shaped open storage well from this view too). The sleeping loft features a queen sized bed, two storage consoles with sling doors, and some small hanging space about 3′ 2″).

    On the Y of the trailer, I put a storage box where hopefully I could put enough batteries to power the house via solar and perhaps some propane. My only remaining concern is where to put the instant hot water heater. i thought I could put it in the bathroom above the toiler, but do you guys know what kind of dimensions one I would need would be? Also, I heard that they make some that can go outside the house. Don’t they freeze in winter?

    Anyways, that was probably too much description, but I’d love to know what you think! Feel free to ask any questions.

    A couple more pictures just for fun. You can see the marine heater by the stairs for this one. The stairs are 20″ wide, so do you think it is impractical to have the heater where it is? Thanks.

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    Moved the marine heater to in between the island and the coffee table because duh. Now I see it. I just put some boxes around me to mimic the width of the stairs, and there is no way I could fit a heater there. It is already tight enough for me! Still, I think it is enough if I just use a wire bannister.



    Hey mate. Fantastic design. Thanks for sharing! Are you starting construction soon? If so, please keep us posted with your progress. 🙂


    Jonathan B.

    Hey there!
    This is a really inspirational design. I like the layout. My only thing is maybe you can condense the stairs a little more and make them steeper. Make them ladder stairs. It looks like they already are, but from what i can see, you can get an extra 8inches of floor space which might be really helpful and evident.

    Other than that looks great. I am in the same boat you are. I’ve been obsessed with tiny homes and I plan on building one after college. This design is very useful for me!

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    Thanks for the feedback. Stairs are very important to me because I’m a chronic insomniac, often getting up and moving during the night. However, I have been struggling with how narrow steps can be and still be comfortable. Right now they are 20″.

    I recently shortend the couch/coffee table to increase the width of the hallway to 2′ at its narrowest point which seems very necessary. That was a hard move for me because I wanted to have a guest bed that was double size. I would prefer to take from the stairs if I thought I could without getting rid of them.


    tim-kiwi in aus

    You could try stairs like in this photo. I think you’ll need to lose the top shelf under the kitchen bench otherwise you won’t get close enough on the stools to be comfortable.

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    Wow, this is great,, I like how you created this model design.. did you have this one build? I am interested in tiny houses and in fact I am avid fan of tiny house hunting tv series, just planning for the same idea as well.




    How it’s looking after the full interior is done. Curious to know this!



    I really like the stairs serving double duty! You dint point them out in ur text. I have heard them called “Japanese Stairs.” They also act as shelving and cupboards to exploit the empty space normally found under stair treads.
    SKetchup worked well for u, the drawings were so clear. I have to learn how to use that FREE 3D modeling program.
    I’m designing a 20′ tiny container house that I call the ConHab. Containers are cheap, two to three thousand US dollars.

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    It’s awesome, every parts of the standard homes fit into that unique tiny one. Tiny house has been so popular today, maybe this is the solution of high cost of normal housing. By the way, with this size, you certain have a custom made furnishing.



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