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    Hi everyone
    I am looking for a site to build my tiny house this summer. Preferably in the East Auckland area.
    If you have land or a garage or even your backyard I would be happy to pay or trade services.
    Thanks in advance.



    Hi emily

    I am looking at building my east auckland as well. i have a site to park it on in mangere. but living east at the moment so prefer to build here. if i find somewhere good to build it i will let you know. hoping for somewhere covered as i need to build my sooner rather than later.



    Hi Minifi
    Great. I recently started a Tiny House Meetup Group if you would like to Join:
    We are having a Meetup this Sunday morning at the Green Living Expo if you would like to talk tiny houses.



    thats awesome thanks. i have to travel for work on sunday but i will see if i can squeeze in before i leave



    Hi, my name is Andrey. I am searching for a building site around Auckland (preferably north/west parts), but anywhere around 100-150km works too.
    Just a small piece of space may work.

    If you have any option, please, send me a message to thesmallestcabin @

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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