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    I am 20 years old and planning the build for my first tiny house. I am currently studying herbal medicine in Auckland so thus far the house will be parked in Auckland.

    Just wanting to connect with others about their tiny houses and discuss ideas and things that worked best! Also, how difficult/easy it is to find land around and to let people know that you are looking.

    I am still in early stages in the process but I knew that a tiny house was for me ever since I discovered it. As well as having my tiny house I also aim to be as self-sufficient and giving back to the environment as much as possible in my consumption of food etc, not taking away from our beautiful earth! Any tips or discussions about growing herbs, food etc would be enjoyed and embraced 🙂




    I don’t have a tiny house, but I’d love to build one someday (soon hopefully!)

    I’m in central-west Auckland, so if you hear of any builds in progress please let me know (I’ll do the same). I’d be happy to give up some of my free time to help out to gain some first-hand experience. I don’t have a lot of building experience, but I helped build a recording studio in the UK last year, so figure it’ll be similar in ways, except on wheels!

    I don’t know much about the land aspect, but to start with guess it would be good to have a space where one could be stored whilst it was built. Perhaps renting a corner of someone’s yard.




    Hi there!

    We should get together and have a chat. I’ve visited a few tiny houses around NZ and will be embarking on my build shortly (yay!)

    My email is, I would love to discuss tiny house stuff with you!



    I’ve nearly finished my build just north of Auckland (Helensville)if you folk want to meet up.



    Hi there,

    My boyfriend and I are moving to Auckland from Wellington in March and are eager to get started on our tiny house build! Do any of you know any spots out west or anywhere really that we could rent while we build?


    Amanda and Cam



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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